The Co–Pilots is an Indie Rock project based in Taiwan. 
I worked as the band's producer, mixing, mastering and recording engineer from 2017 to 2022
The band would provide me Ableton project files and my job was to use my music production and audio expertise to elevate the songs to industry level quality. 
I did so by engineering and embellishing them with DSP tools such as Fabfilter, Waves Plugins, Izotope Ozone and countless other plugins.
A peak at Sunflower's Project File
Bridging the Gap Between Engineer and Artist
As production engineer, I worked closely with Tanner (the band's composer). I translated complex sound design concepts simply and in musical terms.
Doing so allowed us turn their unmixed stems and Ableton project files into fully realized productions.

With my technical know how, Tanner's expert composition and our shared understanding of music we produced a total of 20 songs together.
Listen to all of the tracks I've engineered for others here.
Black Rainbows , The Co–Pilots first album with me as a composer (below)
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