Prehistoric Golf is a 2D mini-golf game created by a team of 3 in a single semester.
I took the role as creative director creating art assets, sound fx, and the game's soundtrack.
Music + Sound FX
Visual Asset Development
Our Dino's facial expressions, textures and text layers are all neatly contained in this PSD document.
This allowed us to quickly create and animate variation's quick and efficiently, while keeping our look consistent.
With each stage, the Volcano would change, steaming up till it's eruption.
Like the dinosaur, we contained these visual variations in a single PSD. Adding effects to our layer group and applying a clipping mask to the layer allowed us to quickly draw in the lava's path.
Early world concept art depicting a much more painterly art direction. This color palette influenced the last level of the game.
Prehistoric Golf's Sell Sheet
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