Forbidden Fruit is an animated short film about two hungry raccoons that let their hunger get to their heads.
I worked directly with Khaz to create sounds in their film. I scored and created all the music and sound effects that you hear! I also timed and lined up all the audio and voice acting.
Scroll to the bottom for a Playlist with all the Audio and Sound FX!
Cat Speech Generator
I created a speech generator tool in Ableton that would randomize different cat samples to create dialog in the scene. 
This is one of the many sound design tools I used in making this project!
SFX + Sound Design
Project Communication
amidst a worldwide pandemic
A peak at our organizational spreadsheet
Solid communication throughout the creative process allows us to help realize Khaz's vision and see it to completion.
Project organization through Google Sheets, Discord and in person meeting allows us to manage and communicate the fate of over 100 different sound assets created for the film.
We began the project in early 2020, right before the COVID-19 pandemic had reached public awareness.
A quarter way through our work it became clear it would be safest to finish the project online (Khaz was living in Boston and I was visiting them from Florida at the time).
Keeping our spreadsheet up to date and our solid communication through Discord and Trello is ultimately what allowed us to pivot from an in person workflow to an online one. In turn allowing us to see the project through to the end.
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