russelbuck is an album featuring 14 tracks created between 2016 to 2018.
Each track is sprinkled with sample manipulation; combining sound library sounds, hand recorded foley and original production to create a living, breathing soundscape that’s both musical and detailed.
A peak at Cellphone Tune's Project File
Forks and scissors become hihats, ice in a glass becomes snares and the sounds of laughter and meows embellish the track with cheerful, fun and quirky energy.

Much of the album was created with the philosophy that any sound can fit in any context with enough time manipulation and processing. It was a huge exercise in sound design!
The first tracks took upwards to a month to complete, but as the album came closer to completion, I discovered a solid, quick work flow. The song listed above, Cellphone Tune started off as a melody composed with phone dial tones and swiftly became a full piece 4 days later.
CD Art, Branding and Design
The visual branding of the album revolved around my personal workspace and the instruments and tools I used while crafting the album. 
I worked with the artist Cocadope to help outfit the inside of Russelbuck's living space with vintage synthesizers, succulents and game consoles. This became the primary album art and really helped catch attention and intrigue months leading up to the release.  
The rest of the CD’s branding was created using original designs and photography I created.
Promotion, Release and Reception
As the album came closer to release, buzz and hype was generated organically with track teasers, social media posts and performing at live shows.
The album also featured remixes from fellow producers, allowing us to combine audiences for the release while simultaneously lifting each others work.
Come release, this platform allowed the album to reach people over 90,000 times on Twitter organically without the aid of external promotion tools, leading to a healthy self release and happy, loving fanbase. 
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